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Sending parcel to post office


Hi, I am ordering some important items online for my stay in Harbin.
Is it possible for me to ship the items to the Central post office in Harbin, and collect it from the post office when I arrive there?

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Hi Mavis,

Yes, you can. But you need to apply for the business from the post office first. Then you can send it to the post office and pick it from the office when you arrive there. You should pick it up within a week. They may return it back if you don't pick it up in time.
If you have friend in Harbin, you'd better let one of them receive it for you.

In fact, there are many express delivery points in most residential districts, they could collect the package for you for free on behalf of you. You can write the place you live and when the postman deliver it and call you, you can tell him to put it at the nearest express delivery point for you. Then, you will get a message to show you where it is. When you go there, pick it up by providing your name and phone number to get it.
i have a supplier in guangdong that i want to buy from, is there a forwarding service via epacket to australia?
E-packet is only available for online sellers on Ebay, Amazon...

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