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Sending international parcel to post office


Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Guillaume Berney, I am 26, coming from Switzerland and actually doing a cycle tour from India to my home. I am actually in Nepal and will come to China next week.
I recently had some problems with my bicycle so that I need to change some parts. I already ordered the parts in Switzerland and would like to send them to the post office of Ürümqi, for picking them up there personaly. I would arrive around the 8th of Juli in Ürümqi for picking the parcel. Could you receive the parcel at the office and keep it there until I'll pick it up?
If it would be possible please give me the address where to send the parcel and the conditions. Otherwise
I would be happy to have a suggestion where I could send the parcel.

Please reply very soon so that I can organize the parcel. Thank you!

Kind regards,

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