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I want to ship 7 boxes weighing 6.5 kg and measuring 78 x 45 x 42cm from China to Newport Beach California, USA. via sea. Please let me know the cost of the postage and roughly how long it would take. Also, would you provide a tracking number so I could monitor the progress.

Thank you

Jeff Zoldos

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Hi Jeff,

For packages over 2kg and less than 30kg, you are suggested to use China Post large package service. For 6.5kg large package by ship, it needs about 200RMB.

You'd better go to the nearest post office to send and ask the price in detail. The price I offered is just for your reference. In most cases, by ship is the slowest way. It needs about one or two months to reach. You will have a tracking number, but when it's out China, it couldn't be tracked in most cases.

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