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Shipping from Shanghai


Hi there can I send sunscreen and shampoo to Australia from China?

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shipping luggege from Shanghai China to Tel Aviv Israel (1 reply)

I have 4 languages in different sizes and 4 boxes 60x60x60 in total weight of around 120kg that I would like to ship from shanghai to Israel.
The shipping don’t need to be by air, shipping by sea is fine
Looking forward to your quotation,

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i'm not from Shanghai but i have an address there because i'm a member of shipping company.
my problem is i bought parcel from "Aliexpress" and i'm always tracking the shippment and suddenly see in tracking informations "Delivery faild" and contact to the seller told me contact the postal or shipping company and i also contact to the company and they told me contact postal and i don't what should i do then please if you can help me help !
Tacking number: RB612779338SG
Shipping address ~~
Contact Name :Mohsen Shata
Address: Unit 1, Building 15, Lane 248 Huqingping Highway Minhang District,Shanghai
CAI 347144
Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai
Zip Code: 201105
Mobile: 4006318388
Tel: +86-

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I would like to understand how I can recover the shipping UR451937786CA, from Canada to Shanghai and still didn't arrived after more than 2 months

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