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Shipping price China to Germany


What,s the Shipping price vor a 300g Parcel to Germany ?
Thank you .

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Hi erbens,

It's about 100RMB by air and 90RMB by SAL. Just for your reference.

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What,s the Shipping price vor a 300g Parcel to Germany ?
Thank you .

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hello guys,
for a large operation -10K-100K+ packages shipped from YIWU
I need to get pricing detail for :
box weight: 0.2 Kg .
box size: 13cm * 13cm* 15cm

we need to ship to -
Germany - price?
Spain- price?
England- price?
France- price?
Netherlands - price?
Belgium- price
Isreal- price?
USA - price?
Australia- price?

ready tosign a distribution contract imidiatly after agreeing on prices

thank you

Yaniv M. ADV

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we would like to ship 5 parcel with 30kg each from China to Germany.
Where do I find the exact rate? We do not need Express shipping and would appreciate the less expensive possibility.

Kind regards

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