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Shipping to Germany



we would like to ship 5 parcel with 30kg each from China to Germany.
Where do I find the exact rate? We do not need Express shipping and would appreciate the less expensive possibility.

Kind regards

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Hi Nikki,

Here is the price for your reference:

490RMB by air, 350RMB by SAL, 240RMB by Surface.
Dear Daisy,

thanks a lot for your prompt reply! Is 240 RMB the price per each 30kg parcel? And what does „by surface“ exactly mean?

Kind regards
Hi Nikki,

Yes, 240 RMB is for the price per each 30kg parcel.

Air Parcel: refers to international parcels transported by air;
Surface Air Lift (SAL) Parcel: refers to international parcels transported within the sending and receiving countries by sea and land, and by surplus air capacity between the countries;
Surface Parcel: refers to international parcels transported end-to-end by railway, automobile, or ship.
Dear Daisy,

that sounds great!
We can we online book the parcels and are there specifications regarding the dimensions?

Kind regards
Hi ,
I want to ask can u ask someone to pick the goods from our company ?And what would be total cost if G.W. is about 165kg?
Or decided into 6 parcels to be 30kg per parcel .Would that be cheaper ?

Thanks ,
Dear Daisy,

thanks a lot for your reply.
The thing is, that our partner in China is calling China Post and they are giving them much more expensive rates. Is there an online option where I can book the pick-up or if they need to be brought to the post office, where can we order, pay and print out the parcel „stamps“?

Also, you said that the rate for the 30kg parcel is 240 RMB, but if I go to the list to which you send me the link to it says that the first kg costs 140.8 and every further kg is 19.4, so my calculation comes to the result of 703,4 RMB per parcel (1x140.8 plus 29x19.4). Please let me know your calculation as your result is much less than that.

Have a great day,
kind regards

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