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Shipping way recommendation


What shipping way is the best to ship parcel with weight less than 2kg, but with carton side length more than 60cm?
It's not small parcel, because of dimension, but it's not a large Package because of less weight. What is it?

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Yes, you couldn't use small packet service to send it as it exceeds the size limit if it's rectangular. If it a cylindrical packet,the greatest dimension could not exceed 90cm. You can see if it's ok.

In fact, you can send it as a China post large package. Or you can send it through EMS which is a little bit expensive but more safe and quick. I'm not sure the destination country. You can check it's size limitation here to see if you can use this service:

Carton weight is 2kg, size 80*10*25cm. Can it be accepted by China Post as Large Package? Last time when I was in China Post office they said they can only accept their standard size cartons they have for sale.
The size is ok for large package. Most of their staff would like you buy their cartons because they are afraid your own carton is not strong enough that couldn't pass the customs check. You can take it to China Post and let them see if your pack is ok. But don't seal it up as they need to open and check your goods.

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