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Still stuck in Arrival at the destination


  My package RV575298958CN was sent since 23/07/2021 and still says 'Arrival at the destination '. Its now 16/09/2021 and this is nearly two months in transit from "Arrival at the destination"
I need to know what happened with my package RV575298958CN and how long I can expect until delivery?

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Hi Maria,

It's delayed in the middle location. I suggest you wait for another 15-20 days to see if it could be delivered. If still no, contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.

Hello daisy,
when will my parcel arrive, i got this update for 12 days now, and why did i get Arival at the destenation twice?
My package is stuck in arrival in destination tracking number LY925959328CN

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