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Stuck at handed over to Airline


This is my first time ordering something from china through Aliexpress. Currently it is my 13th day waiting. my tracking got stuck at handed to the airline right now. What does this means.

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Hi daisy. I have an order that has been stalled on Linehaul since December 25th.
Could you tell me what state it is in please? It is the PCLP0042403931198235600
Thank you.
Hi Ethan,

It's still stuck in Leige now. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
Hi I would like to know what the status of my parcel SY14072485962 is
Hi Daisy,
I am just wanting to know if you can possibly help me with 2 packages I'm waiting on LZ620266627CN LZ618478764CN
Hello, I'd like to know where my parcel is right now. I have been waiting for months and it's stuck in hand over to airline since Nov 15th, 2020. Here is the tracking number UB181033843SG from Cainiao
Hello Daisy,
Could you inform me where my package is please?
It has been stick on status "Arrival at destination" in France for 5 days and I have recieved no updates.
Tracking number: LZ654885672CN
Thank you.
S00000190279167- IT000009595113
Hi Daisy this shipment shows hand over to the airlines since 2/5 without any updates, how is it possible? Is it lost?
Hi Daisy, can you help me? I have an order since 01 Dec 2020, It has been 3 months and I haven't received it. The state is not found, my tracking number is LP186154004SG. Thank you.
Hi Tommi,

It's sent by 4PX Express and is still stuck in China now. If you couldn't receive it in time, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.
Hi daisy, can you check status of my item? LY667043959CN until now still no update almost a month still no update, last update is hand over to airline, is the item have been lost?
Hi daisy, can you check my item LY667043959CN still no update, last is hand over to airline, but untill now still no update, is the item lost?
Hi Zulk,

It usually takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in the USA after it was received by airline. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.
My packages stuck at hand over to airlines LY703791506CN
my parcel S00000207984272 has been departed from country of origin for 71 days and there has been no news since, i contacted the seller but they just extended the customer guarantee. what can i do. is my parcel missing
Hi ,
My package has been stuck in BeijingCity for over a week now and I have no idea what’s going on. It said handed over to Airlines, but how long does a plane take to deliver items? My tracking number is LS429603096CN.
Hi daisy
My tracking number is LY868884350CN
My shipment says “hand over to airline”
Can you please check where is it exactly? Or when will it reach USPS? It is first class international package
I am traveling on the 23rd of September and really need it.
Hi please check where this items? The item stuck more than a week. Please help me. This customer parcel.
Hello can you help me track my parcel please? It has been stuck at plane entered the port from 3rd January. Does this mean its in the UK? LV374947452CN. Thank you
My parcel has been stuck on flight departure for so long now even tho i have received parcels that i ordered at the same time what is the problem here ??
tracking : LV422761781CN
Hi Daisy can you please help locate my parcel was handed over to transit since 15 feb 2022 its now 23 april not yet delivered. Tracking no is LP00495565337805
Hi Shaz did you receive your parcel?i'm panicking because its my first time ordering and since i did it on 31January 2022
I want to know the status of this parcel with tracking no RF779685309SG. It's been stuck since 6 days.
Can anyone help me to locate my package
LV478325439CN. I just wanna know if the package is in China or already departed to Canada . Many Thanks
Hi Daisy, I hope you are well!

Basically my parcel says "Hand over to airline failed" what does this mean? I have never seen this before and im a bit worried that my parcel will take for ever to come!!

Thank you!!!
Hi, my parcel got stuck in "hand over to airline" since one week and no updates then. Is there any way to know where is it?
Tracking ID: RB194635095SG

Hi Daisy, My order: S00000255579201 is stuck on "Hand over to airline". Its been almost 6+ weeks.
Please help.
Thank You
Hi my package has been stuck in Airline JieShou for 2 weeks now, I would like to ask for an update on my parcel if it’s on its way. Here’s my tracking code LV519451805CN thank you.

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