China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

Stuck at transit country


Tracking id- LP00417245813281

Additional tracking id- UA322803503SB

In Transit

Origin- China
Aliexpress Shipping
Destination -India
Origin - Tracking consuming: 47 ms
20-11-23 14:55
Arrive at transit country or district
20-11-18 15:29
Hand over to airline

2020-11-16 04:50
Received by line-haul

2020-11-13 16:24
Outbound in sorting center

2020-11-13 15:20
Inbound in sorting center

2020-11-13 15:17
Accepted by carrier

How much time does it take to reach the destination country INDIA from the transit country

It's AliExpress standard shipping btw,
And will i be able to track once it reach in India (destination country)?
Please help, will be highly obliged, waiting for your response.


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Hi Sreyamukherjee23,

It's in the middle location now. If there is no delay, it should be reached in early December.

Number: UA322803503SB
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> India
2020-11-23 14:55, Arrive at transit country or district
2020-11-18 15:29, Hand over to airline
2020-11-16 04:50, Received by line-haul
2020-11-13 16:24, Outbound in sorting center
2020-11-13 15:20, Inbound in sorting center
2020-11-13 15:17, Accepted by carrier
Hi my tracking number - UA322803503SB
It's saying accepted by the last mile carrier, arrived at the destination country, India but which state which airport (don't know),can you please tell me why it's stuck at the same status and when exactly am going to receive it?
Hi Sreyamukherjee23,

It's in the middle location now. You need to wait for more days to get update.
Hi Daisy, my package has been in destination country sorting center for 3 months now, will I even receive my package? Is it lost? What should I do?
Tracking ID:

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