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Item stuck in Transit


Stuck in destination country now for 13 days

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Item stuck (1 reply)

Hi my item has been stuck at Arrive at Destination Transit Hub, Australia for 11 days.
Can I pick it up from here or do I have to wait and see if it gets delivered???

Item stuck at sorting centre for over 30 days (1 reply)

My epacket item which I ordered at the beginning of May has been stuck on airline transport from Shanghai to UK since 12/05/2020. As this has been a month of transit, I'm becoming increasingly concerned as to if it has been lost or returned. Tracking number: LX129362485CN

My item is stuck help (1 reply)


My item is stuck no update? Can I contact someone from EMS? Is my item lost? Seller said just to wait item will come. Is this normal it's taking so long
Please help

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