Stuck on departure from outward office of exchange for a month

Asked by Tuguldur | 10/23/2018 7:28:26 AM

RB617369595SG, absolutely nothing for a month. I have ordered 3 other items in this time frame and they arrived. What's happening?

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Daisy 10/24/2018 1:27:50 AM

Hi Tuguldur,

This package is not normal. It left China and on the back way to the sender now. You'd better contact the sender to give you a solution.

2018-09-26 09:46
Beijing Processing Center, export Direct Seal

2018-09-26 09:05
BEIJING, has been imported to open and dismantle

2018-09-25 17:07
Beijing processing Center, has imported mutual seal (domestic warp)

2018-09-25 09:59
BEIJING, has been imported to open and dismantle

2018-09-23 15:43
Singapore processing Centre, has left

Tuguldur 10/24/2018 8:56:24 AM

Sorry for my ignorance, but just being exported from china doesn't necessarily mean that it's being returned to the sender right? Also, may I know which site do you use for tracking china post? (other than this site)

Daisy 10/25/2018 1:24:57 AM

I sometimes use 17track. This site also shows the last update as:
'departure from outward office of exchange, Beijing at 09:46:26 on 2018-09-26'

This means it left China on the day. It's on the way back now. There will be further update when it arrives in Singapore. But sometims, for a returned package, there is no update when it arrives the original country.

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