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Tracking parcel from China to Australia


I'm trying to track my parcel from China to Australia. Picked up by carrier in China 29 May 2017. Please advise when it will be in Australia. Tracking No. EV906557304CN

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Hi Estelle,

The parcel is a China EMS parcel. It should reach within 7 working days. But now, it has been nearly a month. You'd better contact the sender and let him contact China post to check what happens to it.

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My parcel appears to be in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province after two months of waiting. The tracking number is: RW188492132CN
Is there any possibility that my parcel could be sent to Australia, not as it is incorrectly written Austria?
My correct address is 1087 Forest Rd Wirrabara, SA 5481, South Australia, Australia.
If not, could you please let me know who I need to contact?
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My Three parcel shipped china to Australia and my Mistake i mention wrong adress so i request to You plz send this three parcel to my correct adress (Unit 1,16 Wigram street Harris park 2150 NSW Australia
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2. LZ763381622CN
3. UW701274005CN
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