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Tracking stuck on aircraft arrival


Somebody help what does it mean aircraft arrival EB788433705CN

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Hi Tay love,

It means it's in the middle transit airport now. It will be transited to the US later. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

Parcel tracking been on plane arriving for 14 days now with 0 update, ive spoke to customs and local post office and the sender and none seem to have a explanation.
Hello My parcel has the status aircraft arrival for 14 days now. Any update for CY021465954CN?. I don’t see any change statuses

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the parcel has been stuck in the "aircraft arrival" for 7 days now. It is normal? How many time does it going to take for the next step? My tracking number is: EB785740145CN

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Somebody help what does it mean aircraft arrival EB788433705CN

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My parcel EA508394639NL stuck in the states aircraft arrival from Feb 20th for 2 months. Customer Service told me the parcel took flight KE925 from Guangzhou - soeul and soeul - Amsterdam on February 20th. But postnl said they do not receive the parcel. Could you please check if the parcel is still in transit in Soeul?? When can I receive it?

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