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Unable to track package on line.


I ordered some items December 11, 2016 from China and still no sign of them. It says " posted" back on December 15 but I am unable to track it from there. I believe it is in the US at post office 510321 but I don't know where that is. I put in the tracking number and it says unable to track. The number is LT591939598CN. Please let me know where it is and when I hope to get them. Way too late for Christmas now but still want them.

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Hi Wendy,

Tracking result shows:
2016-12-15 20:24
CHINA, Acceptance, Your item was accepted at 8:24 pm on December 15, 2016 in CHINA.

It not arrives US now. It may be delayed by Christmas and the New Year. I think it will arrive in the next week. I'll help you track and let you know once it arrives.

Latest tracking result shows your package is currently in transit to your destination by USPS:

2017-02-07 00:36
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94188, Arrived at USPS Destination Facility, Your item arrived at our SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94188 destination facility on February 7, 2017 at 12:36 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

2017-02-04 07:15
STAMFORD, CT 06910, Arrived at USPS Facility

2016-12-15 20:24
CHINA, Acceptance
I bought one thing on eBay. And the seller told me that such a track number 66129830418. I don't understand how it is possible to track the order
Hi Yury,

66129830418 is a tracking number belongs to China Post ordinary small packet plus. It's not registered, so China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it. The seller couldn't track it as well.

It's a very slow service. You may get it after two or three months. BTW, it's easy to be lost. If you couldn't receive it within three months, ask your money back soon.

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