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What happen with my package?


Hi.. my friend send a package for me in shenzhen at sept 14th 2018. But till now it's hasn't been updated in the system yet. Whenever i try to track it's always says: validation failure. Could you please check this number please: 1040294416231. She went back to the post office and they said it will be delivered in 8 days (?) Why taken so long? They also said that's because the package was heavy (around 20kg) is there any rules like that? She has been paid for the service though.

it was send from tianjin university new campus beiyang yuan jinnan district. Please help me track the package. Thank you

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Hi Suri,

1040294416231 belongs to a China Post ordinary package. China Post doesn't provide tracking service for this kind of package. Some of them may be tracked only in China. As it's the cheapest way to deliver, it usually takes some days to be sent.

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