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what happened to my parcel?


hello i sent back a dress to the seller worth of 165euros. this is my tracking number from my postal office CF070016461MT

can you tell me what happened? why isnt delivered to the seller yet? its been in beijing station from 6 july!!!

please check this, its very important


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I think it has been lost on the way. You'd better contact Malta Post for compensation.
it was a big packet. how come it get lost??? is the china post so irresponsible on losing people's object?
Hi karkariza,

It's just my guess. It may not be lost.

I called 11183 China Post service line for you and they said, the package was in Suzhou on July 10th. Is Suzhou city the destination city?

The staff of China Post told me to provide the recipient‘s contact way including name, detailed address and phone number in order to check further and make process for it. Or the recipient could contact 11183 to tell them the information and tracking number and require them to send again. You'd better contact the seller and let them call 11183 to China Post as soon as possible.
hello thanks for your reply.

could you do me one last favour? because the seller isn't answering my mails, and that is why i need to know if he have the parcel or not?

can you check again with the post the following details.

the details seller gave me:

ROOM 202 NO:53


this parcel requires signature upon arrival to the seller

can you please help me?

Don't you have the seller's phone number? When the carrier send the parcel, they need to contact him through phone. They will not send the parcel to his door.
the number is 215008 i hope it is not fake details the seller gave me.

the seller i sent him about 4 mails and no response!
Hi karkariza,

215008 is the postal code not the telephone number of the seller. Don't you have his phone number? I think that's why China Post couldn't send the package. In China, the carrier needs to call the recipient and ask him to pick up the package at the nearest place where he lives. As you don't provide the contact number, the carrier couldn't get connected with the seller. I also have no way to help you about this. You need to provide the seller's phone number.
i will try and contact the seller again. if i dont get the phone number. what will happean to the parcel. i wrote sender address. will it go back to sender?
If there is no contact number of the seller on the parcel label, the package will be returned to you later. But your address should be correct as well when you wrote it on the label.

China Post couldn't send the package at door, they usually contact the recipient through call and let him to pick up. So, the phone number is very important.
Seller said my items are shipped on 9th March.
But I don't have any visibility to track this.
Pls help me to find this my parcel.
Hi Gayan Rajakaruna,

The seller may ship it from his city to another city where the express company is located. There will be update when the express company get it and process it. It takes 3-5 days for them to receive it and there will be tracking information.

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