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what is my parcel’s expected delivery date.


I want my parcel till 6 pls it’s an evening gown, I have to wear it on 7 n I have also paid for express shipping.

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Hi Anushka verma,

What's the tracking number of your package? You can contact the seller to give you the tracking number and provide here or let them track it for you.
RP182028589CN - Tracking number.
Can u please tell the seller or pls u contact the seller and Please let me know the expected delivery date because I want it on 6 any how. Please let me know!
It left China on Feb. 2 and on the way to India now. You may get it around Feb. 15 at earliest.

Sorry, we couldn't help you contact the seller. We don't know who is the seller and don't know the seller's information.

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