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What's happening with my parcel?


My parcel arrived on 28 july at Shandong sheng jinanshi after that I don't receive any information please tell me where is my parcel now and when I get it. Tell me exact date.
Tracking Number:EB015018952PK

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Hi Mohsin Iqbal,

The postman put your parcel at Cainiao Yizhan of Ercan Underground (In Chinese: 二餐地下菜鸟驿站) yesterday afternoon. You should have received a short message that showing a number for you to pick it up there.
My Amazon order not in right destination ,
No - LZ668191401CN
It says arrived on destination country - Germany I live in the UK! What’s happened ?
Hi Tim Brad,

The destination country for this tracking number is Germany. The seller must make a mistake for the address. You'd better contact the seller soon to let him know.
Hi Daisy, I was wondering if I could possibly get an update on my package, thanks in advance! The last update was
(2020-06-20 21:08
Shenzhen, Has Been Delivered by Airline)

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