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When will my Parcel arrive in the UK it’s been stuck in transit for over 19 days


The tracking number is EV006550690CN could someone please estimate the delivery time thank you

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My parcel LZ922790764CN didn’t arrive yet in italy , the tracking say that is transiting via the transit airport but now are 9 days and it is still there . Please help me , where is my pack , could you tell me please when it will arrive , thank you very much

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i ordered an item on ebay from seller kaidi55, and i didn't recieve it for 88 days, and it is currently stuck in transit, it has been in transit for over 69 days, i need to know where my package is currently, and i need to know what day my package will arrive. thanks!

Parcel Number: AS193122571CN

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Hi ,
My parcel LZ922790764CN is stuck in the transit airport since 28 june and now are 24 days , can you please help me ti let me now where is it and when it will arrive , it would be a pleasure as i need it , thank you very much

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