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Where are my packages?


I have bought 2 items from aliexpress and last status were en route to postal facility but not arrived in Singapore either Indonesia. My tracking no. : LP167911267SG & LP167817156SG
Please tell me where are my packages now and why it stuck like nothing move. Last status in aliexpress was departed from 10&12 of may 2020

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Hi Tj,

They have left China and are en route to Indonesia now. There will be update when they arrive. Please wait for more days to get update.

2020-05-10 23:30, HK, Hand over to airline.
2020-05-10 11:17, Information Received
2020-05-10 10:54, Shenzhen,China, Depart from facility to service provider.
2020-05-10 06:04, Shenzhen,China, Shipment arrived at facility and measured.

2020-05-12 23:30, HK, Hand over to airline.
2020-05-12 15:58, Information Received
2020-05-12 14:58, Domestic Air Cargo Termina,Shenzhen,China, Depart from facility to service provider.
2020-05-11 20:33, Longgang,Shenzhen,China, Shipment arrived at facility and measured.
2020-05-11 20:33, Longgang,Shenzhen,China, 4PX picked up shipment.
My order number RB930997598SG has arrived Nigeria. I have not been contacted yet but the delivery status is showing failed. What do I do. How do I get my parcel after waiting for almost three months?
Hi, so my shein order has been stuck at “international warehouse final package sterilization and inspection complete, package shipped” since november 29. no update. Yet, my package I ordered a week after arrived today.....
my tracking number is
and my order number is

where is my package??

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