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where is my package UD318205714CN

Asked by tmajor | 3/14/2018 3:35:00 AM

Hi. I havent been able to track my package since 24 February. Is it on its way or something has happened to it?. for tracking number UD318205714CN?

Date Time Location Activity
2018-02-24 22:32:22 广东广州收寄中心 已离开,下一站处理中心
2018-02-24 17:09:34 广东广州收寄中心 已封发
2018-02-24 14:35:46 广东广州收寄中心 已收寄
2018-02-24 10:27:32 InTransit Processing in CK1 facility on 2018-02-24 10:27
2018-02-24 09:28:28 N/A 物流订单已创建(WISH邮平台)
2018-02-24 01:20:07 SHENZHEN Sent to WON processing center on 2018-02-24 01:21.
2018-02-23 18:25:00 SHENZHEN Item received by [SHENZHEN] Logistics Centre
2018-02-23 17:25:00 SHENZHEN Item being sent to [SHENZHEN] Logistics Centre.
Other orders have already arrived at my home address and sent to the same date.

2 Answer(s)

Daisy 3/14/2018 10:07:44 PM

Hi tmajor,

It couldn't be tracked after leaves the first station. You can only wait. If you couldn't receive it within two months, it may be lost.

Co 12/5/2019 12:43:42 AM

Tracking shows only: Logistics order has been created (物流订单已创建)
In transit China Post > Unknown
2019-11-02 11:20 物流订单已创建

And today is December 6. I want to know if the seller sent my package and it was lost, or he never sent it?, because he never wrote to me to tell me anything, and the track never updated again (not even my country as destination appears).
What do you think?

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