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Where is my parcel


Good evening from the Uk.
Please could you assist me to see where my parcel is ..?
Reference number RN608874519GB is it on its way in transit back to me, or is it still in China waiting to be sent back to me ?

Your assistance would be appreciated.
Regards Rick

3 Answer(s)

Hi Rick,

It's on the way back to UK now.

Number: RN608874519GB
Package status: Expired
Country: United Kingdom -> China
2022-01-16 16:05 Shanghai, to the carrier
2021-10-30 16:22 Guangzhou City, Customs Clearance
2021-09-28 14:29 Guangzhou City, Customs Clearance
2021-09-27 13:49 Guangzhou City, sent to the import customs
2021-09-03 07:22 Langley, Leaving the Export Exchange Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2021-09-03 07:22 Langley, leave the Langley Processing Center
2021-09-02 16:48 United Kingdom, [United Kingdom] has received
My order number is CP480551725CN
This order was on the way to me but the swiss post did a mistake and returned it to China..
Where is this parcel now? And What is the destination right now?

Hi Amin,

Sorry, it's not a right tracking number. You'd better check if CP480551725CN is the right one.

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