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Where is my parcel?


Hi there. I sent a parcel back to China and it was supposedly released from Changchun customs on 11th January 2022. There have been no further updates and I'm told it hasn't been received by the recipient. Where is it?

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Hi Sophie,

Please provide the tracking number in order to check it for you.
Hi Daisy, the tracking number is RN409705785GB.
Hi Sophie,

There should be problem for the address. You need to let the receiver in China call China Post service number 11185 to check it for you as soon as possible.
Hi Daisy,
I've spoken to the receiver and they've provided an alternative address, which I've put below in English and Chinese. Are you able to forward the parcel on there please?
Country: China
Province: Guangdong Province
City: Shenzhen
Address: 3rd Floor, Building 9, Shiwa Second Industrial Zone, Dalang Street, Longhua District
Name: Lu Mengzao
Tel: 15662226665
详细地址:龙华区 大浪街道 石凹第二工业区9栋3楼
电话: 15662226665
Hi Sophie,

Sorry, we couldn't forward the parcel to the address you provided as we are only a tracking platform. You need to let the receiver in China to contact China Post directly to change the address.
Hi Daisy,
Thank you for letting me know. Please can you provide the contact details for the appropriate team at China Post for the receiver to send the new address to?
Hi Sophie,

Let the receiver call 11185 to contact China Post.
Okay thanks Daisy.

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