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Where is package RG294274205CN


Where is package RG294274205CN

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Still in transit to USA.

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Where is package RG294274205CN (1 reply)

Could you Please, let me know where is my package RG294274205CN ?

Any idea of delivery time on this package ? THANK YOU.


Dr. Frank

Where is package RG294274205CN (1 reply)

Dear friends at China Post.

On 8/29/2016 Package RG294274205CN leave Beijing Airport:
(2016-07-29 21:01:37.0 leaving Beijing Airport going to next airport/seaport)

My questions are: Do you know where is this package after 25 days of leaving the Beijing airport ???

Is this package coming by airplane ? What type of parcel service is this package using ?

Where was this package last scan or seem ? Is the package lost or delay for some reason?

I never had this kind of prolong delay from any package coming from China before.

Please, I do need an intelligent answer to my normal questions from any intelligent person !


Dr. Frank Tirado, Retired from Miami, FL USA.

Where is package RG294274205CN (1 reply)

Where is package RG294274205CN

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