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Where is package RG294274205CN


Dear friends at China Post.

On 8/29/2016 Package RG294274205CN leave Beijing Airport:
(2016-07-29 21:01:37.0 leaving Beijing Airport going to next airport/seaport)

My questions are: Do you know where is this package after 25 days of leaving the Beijing airport ???

Is this package coming by airplane ? What type of parcel service is this package using ?

Where was this package last scan or seem ? Is the package lost or delay for some reason?

I never had this kind of prolong delay from any package coming from China before.

Please, I do need an intelligent answer to my normal questions from any intelligent person !


Dr. Frank Tirado, Retired from Miami, FL USA.

1 Answer(s)

You'd better ask the sender what kind of parcel service he used to send the package. If he uses ship, you may get it after two months. You can call China Post to ask where your package is now. Their service number is +86 10 11183. But I think they will give you the same answer that's it's on the way to the destination country now. I'm a seller online in China, I found some of the packages sent to USA is within a month and some need a longer time. Your package is just sent out within a month, that's normal.

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