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Where's my parcel i think china post use our products why they dont deliever

Asked by dammy | 10/16/2018 12:20:27 AM

its been more than 2 months they didn't deliver my products r u gonna deliver or what r u using our products cheap service and delivery
Here my tracking id let me know my products details
1- LZ897489060CN
2- RO281950468CN

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Daisy 10/16/2018 5:56:55 AM

Hi dammy,

LZ897489060CN is on the way to Canada now. It usually takes 7-25 days to reach.
RO281950468CN delivery failed. You need to contact China Post to ask for re-delivery and confirm your address.

Tracking information for LZ897489060CN:
2018-10-12 20:00 CNNGBD,China, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada
2018-10-11 14:29 315399,China, International item mailed in originating country

Tracking information for RO281950468CN:
2018-09-11 15:35:08 attempted delivery, Beijing
2018-09-11 11:12:45 delivery attempt, Beijing
2018-09-10 15:03:24attempted delivery, Beijing 2018-09-10 08:04:41 delivery attempt,
2018-09-07 14:25:35 packaged at inward office of exchange, Beijing
2018-09-07 13:13:44 arrival at inward office of exchange, Beijing
2018-09-05 10:45:00 United Kingdom
2018-09-05 03:28:00has left, United Kingdom

Joana 9/23/2019 8:31:11 AM

do you know my parcel is it should be here but here is my tracking number:

joana 9/23/2019 8:37:45 AM

can you find my parcel because it should be here so here is my tracking number:
Please find it as quick as possible

Daisy 9/23/2019 6:13:21 PM

Hi joana,

It takes about 20-40 days to be delivered. Please wait patiently.

josé 9/28/2019 12:06:42 PM

Hello my package and taken to your home for 10 days now quans go to send me my package please thank you LO158885952CN

Daisy 9/28/2019 6:46:21 PM

Hi josé,

It left China on Sep. 18 and en route to Canada now. It usually takes about 20-40 days for it to be delivered.

2019-09-18 11:00
Shanghai, delivered to air transport

2019-09-17 19:17
Shanghai, arriving at Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station (via transfer)

2019-09-17 03:20
Ningbo City, arriving at Ningbo Speed

2019-09-17 03:19
Ningbo City, leaving the Ningbo Interchange Bureau, the next stop , Ningbo Speed Office

2019-09-17 01:02
Ningbo City, Ningbo Exchange Bureau has been exported directly sealed

2019-09-16 19:27
Ningbo City, leaving the International Commanding and Investment Department of Airport Road, the next stop , Ningbo Speed Office

2019-09-16 18:57
Ningbo City, "Airport Road International Solicitors" has received

Brandy l 11/29/2019 2:07:11 PM

Where is my package? Tacking number is LS118189945CN. It hasnt made it to custons in the us. It hasnt moved in 30 days.

Daisy 11/29/2019 6:44:03 PM

Hi Brandy l,

It left China on October 27 and is still in transit to the US now. There should be further update recently.

Beth 12/10/2019 6:55:57 AM

Hi can you see where my parcel is ats its apparently been in the sorting center since 8th November. I ordered 28th October. LO411696897CN is tracking nim

Luiz F. Ribeiro 8/28/2020 1:20:19 PM

how to explain this situation? The same status and location in different days.
21/07/2020 17:12 Posting/Collection
" 22/07/2020 19:37 Departure from outward office of exchange CNNGBD "
" 18/08/2020 19:28 Departure from outward office of exchange CNNGBD "

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