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Why I cannot tracked my item anymore?

Asked by Hidayat prayoga | 1/18/2019 11:28:08 PM

Could you pkease check this for me because now I cannot track it, and when it will estimated arrived to the destination?

My tracking number was

Track Your Package

7 Answer(s)

Daisy 1/20/2019 4:36:32 AM

Hi Hidayat prayoga,

It left China on Jan. 3 and on the way to your country now.It usually takes about a month for you to get it after this status.

Tracking information:
2019-01-03 11:13
"Guangzhou Interchange Bureau" has been exported directly seal

2019-01-02 16:40
Leave "Jiang Gao Center", next stop "Guangzhou Air Mail Processing Center"

2019-01-01 20:38
Arrive at the "Jiang Gao Center"

2018-12-31 15:25
Leave the "Shanghai Central Bureau Mail Processing Center", the next stop "Jiang Gao Center"

2018-12-31 01:25
Arrive at "Shanghai Central Bureau Mail Processing Center"

2018-12-30 23:14
Leave "International mail Processing Center", next stop "Shanghai Central Bureau Mail Processing Center"

2018-12-30 14:44
Export Customs/Security release

2018-12-30 05:55
Leave "International mail Processing Center", next stop "suburbs of Shanghai"

2018-12-30 04:47
Leave "International mail Processing Center", Next stop "Shanghai Express Processing Center (2)"

2018-12-29 19:21
Arrive at "Shanghai Central Bureau Mail Processing Center"

2018-12-29 17:57
Departure from "Postal Pudong New Area Jin Yang", Next stop "Shanghai King Harbor"

2018-12-29 17:30
"Postal Pudong New Area Jin Yang" has been collected and sent

Isabel Cristina de Oliveira Mo 6/24/2019 5:48:04 AM

Onde está meu pacote. LL337666872CN

Daisy 6/25/2019 2:46:57 AM

Hi Isabel Cristina de Oliveira Mo,

It's on the way to Brazil now:

2019-06-02 21:31
Leave Shanghai to Curitiba (via transfer)

2019-06-02 00:38
Arrival at Shanghai Pudong Terminal Processing Center (via transfer)

2019-06-01 21:05
Leave Nanjing and send to Shanghai

2019-05-29 22:57
Has left Nanjing International Cross-Border Center and sent to Nanjing International Cross-Border Center

2019-05-29 16:51
Nanjing International Cross-Border Center Received

John s 7/17/2019 1:04:16 PM

Just want to know where these are, the shipping hasn't changed for 3 days and one has said its leaving airport to destination country, yet a couple above it said it hasent left china yet

Daisy 7/17/2019 7:46:24 PM

Hi John s,

LN755801230CN has left China on July 14. It usually takes about 7-20 days to have further update to show it arrives in the US.

302222790487 couldn't be tracked.

John 7/26/2019 6:28:21 PM

302222790487 still has no updates and i cannot track it. Its a fedex tracking number but everytime i look it up via chinapost and usps,ect.. tracking number cannot be found. I hope i wasnt scammed. Anyway someone can find out where it is. Last thing i have from wish is 7/13 arrived at destination airport

Daisy 7/26/2019 10:57:00 PM

Hi John,

There is no tracking information for it. You'd better contact the seller to give you an explanation.

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