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Why is my package for EV991902435CN stuck in transit?


My package for EV991902435CN is stuck in transit for over 17 days now at Beijing International Mail Exchange and the package was bought on July 28 and it's about 2 months 3 weeks now and yet I have not received my package here in Botswana and I want to know why is it taking long for it to arrive here in Botswana..... The package was shipped again for the second time on the 26-08-2021 13:37 and yet have not arrived in Botswana, why is it delaying, when will it be here in Botswana on what date..... I have been talking with the seller about the issue of not receiving my package on time and all the dilations but it's like the package is still delaying to arrive here in Botswana and I don't want a refund coz I need the package delivered here in Botswana I need it.... So what is the solution now coz I need it here before month end coz you guys 'Daisy and the seller' keep on telling me I should wait for more days and when I wait for more days(weeks/months) the package still can't arrive well in time in Botswana so now I want to know what is the solution now coz it's like months are just passing by without my package being delivered when I need it here.

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It's still stuck in Beijing now. You need to let the seller contact China EMS service number 11183 to help you check what happends to it as soon as possible.

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