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Wrote wrong city on parcel sent to China


Please can you help?
I have returned an item to a seller in China, but have made a mistake in the address.
LV ting
No.701 #13 Fenghuayuan
Dongfang Road
Zhejiang City
Zhejiang Province
China 314000

It should have been Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province.
This item is a cardboard box 35x50x50cm, 11.75kg and has the address written in black marker.
The Australian Customs Declaration I.D code is CP177559010AU.
Tracking this item Australia Post states it is within 2 days of it's final destination, but I fear it may be delayed for some time as I have stupidly written the wrong city.
might you please direct me to the department that could assist in this matter?
Kind regards Greg and Vanessa Hawkins

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Hi Greg,

You can dial China Post hotline 11185 if you are in China and +86 10 11185 if you are outside China. Press 8 to get English service. You can tell them your problem and let them to help.
I think there will be no problem as your postal code is right. They will find out the problem with the city and find out the right city according to the postal code. 314000 is the postal code for Jiaxing City.
Thankyou both Sam and Mary,
I have just tried to phone this Phone service but as it's Saturday evening here, and mid Saturday there... maybe the English Interpreters have gone home for the weekend? (We had a huge language barrier). So I shall phone Monday morning. Hopefully with better luck.
Ebay customer service have successfully managed to track this parcel CP177559010AU - movement last updated 14 Nov - Guangzhou Transit Station- Import Customs Cleared (Domestic Transit). How can we now follow and trace the delivery of this item to it's final destination LV ting, Jiaxing City Zhejiang Province?
LV Ting claim as this is not a recognized tracking code, they are not able to trace or verify the delivery of this parcel?
Is there a way to track and verify this parcel has been delivered by your service to this address? or can you direct us to a Department better able to assist with in this matter?
Kind regards Greg and Vanessa Hawkins
We have tried twice today to phone China Post, on the above number, then pressed 8 to get an English service. Sorry but I cannot understand anything.... We are still trying to track parcel CP177559010AU. Please can you help?
Kind regards, Greg and Vanessa Hawkins
Hi, the latest tracking information for it is:

On Nov 21, 2:54:22: Hangzhou Transit Station- (Domestic Transit)

Hangzhou is in Zhejiang Province. I think there is no problem for them to get the right city. Don't worry.
Dear Mingming,
In regards to your previous email...Is there anyway I may contact Hangzhhou Transit Station? We are being doubted about our honesty in returning this parcel, and are trying so hard to track it to prove our integrity. How can I contact the Department that is in charge our parcel's delivery? I need to somehow place a Chinese compatible tracking number on this box, how can this be achieved? Please reply and I shall contact them right away.
Regards Greg and Vanessa Hawkins
Hi Vanessa,

From where did you send the parcel? The post office in your country? If so, I think you should go there to tell them your problem. They must have ways to solve this.
Dear MIngming,
I have asked Australia Post, and we are finding their service totally incompetent. For this reason I am trying to follow this item myself, but I made a stupid mistake with addressing the parcel. Can you please direct me to the transit station where this parcel is now?
Regards Greg and Vanessa Hawkins
Hi Vanessa,

I am curious, did your package arrived at the destination or is still stuck in transit ?
I think that the Australia Post should provide an insurance for the package so you could get your money back from your postal office. They can track the package. At least here in Europe DHL offers an insurance for packages.

Thank you

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