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China Post says delivered but it's not arrived


I ordered a jacket from dhgate, the tracking number is:

It says it was delivered on the 24th November 2022, but I work from home and nothing was delivered that day.

I contacted local post office and they don't have any information for that tracking number. I've contacted seller but he's said "it says delivered, I can't do anything"

What is happening?


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23 Feb 2023 14:00 Successfully delivered United States CHINA POST
18 Feb 2023 Out for delivery United States CHINA POST
11 Feb 2023 22:40 目的地转运【美国】United States CHINA POST
08 Feb 2023 23:17 Shipment arrived at sorting facility United States of America, local sorting centre CHINA POST
08 Feb 2023 22:14 Shipment arrived at sorting facility United States of America, local sorting centre CHINA POST
06 Feb 2023 22:01 快件离开处理中心 Hong Kong CHINA POST
05 Feb 2023 22:53 Shipment arrived at sorting facility Hong Kong CHINA POST
02 Feb 2023 19:40 目的地转运【深圳】Shenzhen CHINA POST
02 Feb 2023 19:32 Shipment arrived at sorting facility Shenzhen处理中心已收寄 CHINA POST
Tracking number AS812131088CN
Origin China
Destination United States
Tracked with couriers China Post
The report on your website shows that the package was delivered on February 23, 2023 to my place of residence. Much to my regret, this is not true. I didn't receive the parcel.
The question is where is my parcel now?
Tracking number AS812131088CN

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Good evening,
I'm writing to you because I made an order with Amazon, and the item would have been delivered by China Post in Italy. I don't know which courier takes charge of the package once it arrives in Italy. No information from you (China Post), neither from italian courier (which one?), not even by email or telephone. The problem is that the package is "delivered" yesterday, but it never arrived to me. My report is serious. The courier probably delivered to the wrong person (or it never arrived), but it's unacceptable. I've been waiting for almost a month.
I want to have a copy of the collection document and a copy of the signature, and I want to know which Italian courier you have entrusted to. I contacted the seller and it doesn't reply to me.
The number of spedition is AQ638033251CN.

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I have 3 packages sent from China post and all say delivered but nothing arrived at my house. Canada post and UPS have no record of the items. The parcels showed as arriving in Canada and delivered.

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