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parcel delivered to the wrong recipient, never delivered


Good evening,
I'm writing to you because I made an order with Amazon, and the item would have been delivered by China Post in Italy. I don't know which courier takes charge of the package once it arrives in Italy. No information from you (China Post), neither from italian courier (which one?), not even by email or telephone. The problem is that the package is "delivered" yesterday, but it never arrived to me. My report is serious. The courier probably delivered to the wrong person (or it never arrived), but it's unacceptable. I've been waiting for almost a month.
I want to have a copy of the collection document and a copy of the signature, and I want to know which Italian courier you have entrusted to. I contacted the seller and it doesn't reply to me.
The number of spedition is AQ638033251CN.

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Hi chiara cerone,

Your loacal post office is in charge of delivering it to you when it arrives in Italy. If you don't get it, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible. If the seller doesn't reply you, try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back. Or, open a dispute from the platform you buy it to get refund in time.

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