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CP404577404CN Cycle Between Exchange Station & International Center of Guangzhou


Hi all! My package is CP404577404CN and was shipped on March 12, 2020. On March 12, it said it was enroute to Guangzhou International Center. From there, on the 13th, it said it was going to the Guangzhou International Exchange Station. When it said on March 14 "Airline transportation has been delivered" I assumed it was staying in a warehouse waiting for space on a plane. However, I've seen repeated tracking since. It says yet again "direct export seal" from Guangzhou International Center. IT also says that it went to Guangzhou International Exchange Station again on the 27th of April. Then, after arriving there, it seems that it went there AGAIN on the 29th, and just arrived there again today! What is going on? I understand packages should be waiting for space - but if it is, then why is it being cycled between "Guangzhou International Center" and "Guangzhou International Exchange Station"? Does anyone have a more accurate description of what is going on or what these two places are? Thank you!

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