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Delivery of international mail to China


I have some letters sent from Europe to China which I would like some help with please:
1. An international letter from France (La Poste). Tracking number is LB00103797500. Tracking from France says leave 30 August and the letter appears on China Postal tracking. I contacted La Poste who have confirmed there is a letter, the track number and said it should be in China. China Post tracking has letter leaving France August 30 then stop information on their site. What could be happening now? When should I expect movement again?
2. I have two items sent from the UK by Royal Post. They were not tracked. One is a letter sent around 28 days ago and the other a package sent around 24 days ago. What is the expected time till delivery? I know there is no way of locating without tracking but mail from banks, government offices etc. does not provide tracking. Is there something else I can do to locate them or increase the chance to find me? Should I contact my local post office?
I have tried to call 11183 myself and press 8 for English but the operator said they did not speak English. I have asked local work colleagues to call and most say reply was no information.
Any support, information or action I can take would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Techa,

Sorry, we couldn't help you about this. LB00103797500 has no tracking information in China Post tracking system. We couldn't find it. Is the tracking number right?

As you send letter and don't pay for tracking service. No one could help you locate it. You'd better contact Royal Post to ask the expected time till delivery.
Daisy, this seems very strange. The letter from La Poste with tracking still appears on their system and it has now vanished from China Post system. After I sent my question, I have checked again today and the information that was available is now gone. Why would this happen? I have saved a screen shot of the china post window when the information was there. Can you find out why this disappeared? Very strange. Information is still available on the La Poste tracking site.
I have contacted Royal post who informed me that both items left the UK at least 20 days ago. As they are coming to China they say i need to contact China Post as once the items leave the UK they are then taken over by the country post system to where they are sent, which is China Post. I did not send the letter, I am receiver of the letter. Thank you
Sorry Techa,

We couldn't help you check this. The information is provided by China Post. You still need to check China Post to ask for the reason. We are only a third party platform for package tracking.

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