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Delivery of my parcel


My tracking number -04543372189
My order no.- 81886237816381
Its been so long and no track of my order is updated
After 9th of feb its been 12 days and there has been no update to my order .
I needed the product as soon as possible so please try sending it on time and also plz send me the update of its track.

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Your parcel couldn't be tracked because it's sent by using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus. This kind of parcel is not registered so China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it.

If you want it as soon as possible, it's hard. It usually takes two or three months to reach. You should let the seller know you need it in urgent and let the seller use China Post registered air mail to send it before paying for it. But now, you can only wait.

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Tracking code: LZ532726288CN
No one contact me in prior to get the parcel and then the parcel is returnee directly. Please investigate where is the parcel Now and please rearrange the delivery. When it is out of delivery, please call me 5 - 15 min in advance. Then I will come down the building and wait for their deliveryman.

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