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Didn't receive items


I didn't receive my order
This my tracking number

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It's in transit to US now. If there is no delay, it should arrive in the next week.

Tracking details:
2016-12-31 04:00
Guangzhou, left Guangzhou to New York Kennedy airport

2016-12-30 23:59
Guangzhou, left Guangzhou next city

2016-12-30 20:58
Guangzhou, arrived at Guangzhou airport Center

2016-12-30 18:03
In Guangzhou, Guangdong Province postal courier logistics business Department of Guangzhou Panyu bridge pickup
its been 22 days and still no movement on my package the tracking number is LT730991498CN so
please help me out
Hi Ali,

Your item is in US now. It's currently in transit to your destination by USPS:

2017-02-19 06:49
PENSACOLA, FL 32522, Departed USPS Destination Facility, Your item departed our PENSACOLA, FL 32522 destination facility on February 19, 2017 at 6:49 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

2017-02-18 16:51
PENSACOLA, FL 32522, Arrived at USPS Facility

2017-02-18 10:03
ORLANDO, FL 32824, Departed USPS Facility

2017-02-18 06:28
ORLANDO, FL 32824, Arrived at USPS Facility

2017-02-17 07:17
FLUSHING, NY 11351, Arrived at USPS Facility

2017-02-17 05:19
STAMFORD, CT 06910, Departed USPS Facility

2017-02-16 18:15
STAMFORD, CT 06910, Arrived at USPS Facility

2016-12-31 12:53
Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

2016-12-31 12:53
CHINA, GUANGZHOU EMS, Processed Through Facility

2016-12-30 18:03
CHINA, Acceptance
this is my tracking number but package is not delivered yet and i can not track the package either.

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Im writting you because my package didnt came.
And contact is china post.
Do you have any answer for me why i didnt get the package?
i buy the package on amazon.

My id: 655224789
Juš Dolničar

Thanks for answering my questions

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