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Do you stop shipping packages to Canada?


Do you stop shipping packages to Canada? My parcel number is LO967837736CN. Thank you.

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Hi Dee,

It's still in transit in China now. Due to the coronavirus, it's processed slowly. Please wait patiently for it.

Number: LO967837736CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Canada
2020-04-01 22:30, Guangzhou, leaving the International Express Bay Touting Department, the next stop , Guangzhou International Center
2020-04-01 21:21, Guangzhou City, "International Express Bay Touting Department" has received
2020-03-30 15:36, Logistics order created
My packages says its been at Shanghai airport for over 6 weeks. Can I please have a status update on when my package might be delivered?
My package was shipped from Guangzhou to Canada on April 1 or 2. Since May 19, there are no new updates from China Post. Canada Post cannot help, either. Is it lost? China Post says it left the originating country (China), and if so, where is it now? It's been nearly four months since purchase.
The tracking number us LO976825033CN.
Incidentally, l made a separate purchase from the same seller, also in the first week of April, which arrived last month.

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Do you stop shipping packages to Canada? My parcel number is LO967837736CN. Thank you.

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