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Help find my parcels PLZ !! I'm waiting since September


Hey there!!

I ordered some pieces on Aliexpress on September and till now they didn't arrive and my tracking status did not change.
I contacted the seller and they say that i have to wait but it's taking too long and I think it is LOST!
Here is the tracking number : RJ862565225CN

The second is untracked but i would appreciate any help, here is the number : 03833133032

The last one I bought on 11/11 and I see no change since the first update, it's not even shipped by air, here is the tracking number RS209185894CN

Thank you!
Best regards!

2 Answer(s)

Hi Dede,

RJ862565225CN left China Oct. 6 and i should be reach Italy. I also think it's lost. You'd better open an dispute to AliExpress. ask your money back.

03833133032 left China around Oct. 11. It couldn't be tracked after it leaves China due to it's an ordinary packet. This kind of packet is not registered so it's easy to be lost on the way. If you couldn't receive it within 3 months, it may be lost.

RS209185894CN: The seller sent out this one on Nov. 14 and it has left China since Nov. 15. If it's not shipped by air. You need to wait for one or two months to get it.

Hello Sally

Thank you for your help I'm very grateful!!
I will keep you updated.

Have a nice day!

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