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Hi there, my parcel has been stuck on airline receives it for more than 20 days.


My parcel LZ913416324CN has been stuck in one status for more than 2 weeks. Please can you give me an update as I am worried it could be lost.

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Hi Gaikay,

It was delivered on July 3. You should have got it.

Number: LZ913416324CN
Package status: Delivered (15 Days)
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2021-07-03 10:54 Dartford DO, Delivered by
2021-07-03 07:23 Dartford DO, Due to be delivered today
2021-07-03 05:53 Dartford DO, Arrived at
2021-07-03 04:30 Medway MC, Item Despatched to Royal Mail site
2021-07-02 20:47 LANGLEY HWDC, United Kingdom, Item Received
2021-06-17 22:14 China, Item Leaving overseas
2021-06-17 16:02 Sender preparing item
2021-06-17 15:33 China, Item received

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