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How Do I Return Items?


Bought TV Scout Antennas from company in China. Not satisfied with antennas performance and wish to return for refund. I called the phone number on the shipping bag and it was 13657826015. After I dialed, I got a message that said, "The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again." So I can't contact the company to find out how to send their equipment back! What do I do now because I'm out $173.45?!!

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How do you know the company in China? Do you have other ways to contact them? If you couldn't contact the company, it's hard for you to return back the item and get the refund. This is the only way.
Because the return address says it's from China.It says:
qin lin shuang
xin hua XingNingQu
NanNingShi GUANGXI 530000
If you couldn't get connected to the seller successfully, don't return it back. The address may not correct. You need to negotiate with the seller and confirm the return address is right and then send.

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