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I need to ship around 1000 packages


I need to send around 1000 packages ranging from 50-400 grams from China to 20-30 countries around the world
My question is what is the cheapest way to do it. The goods that I am sending are not very expensive so I am looking for the cheapest possible way. I am even willing to ship without tracking number if that is possible and delivery time can be 30-45 days

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For package under the weight of 2kg, the most safe and cheapest way is to use China Post air mail. The delivery time is about a month to most of the countries. If you want to ship without tracking number, you don't need to pay for additional 8RMB for each package. In some countries, you can also use SAL to send which is much cheaper than air. But the delivery time may exceed 45 days.
Thank you for your answer. Do you have a chart with weight , size and cost of shipping those packages to different countries
You can check the price here for reference:

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