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I pay item an i didn,t received


Palm World Communication Store, Haicheng District, Beihai City
18 Aug
43,94 US
the item has not delivered?!Item #LLS01949I1*1

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I ordered the item on 18th Nov 2023.As per tracking number its shows item delivered on 11-12-2023 but i never received it.I didn't know which local courier service has delivered it ? Who signed it ? Where it was delivered ?

I had checked my home camera footage as well but no one came to deliver it.If things won't be sorted out i will go to prosecution with proff as it wasn't delivered at my address and i still didn't receive it.
Tracking number is AM107494348CN

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I didn't received my shipment (Tracking number: RP741060453CN) from long. It didn't show updates after 16-Nov-19. Would you please help me to understand what is going on?

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i bought some product in aliexpress in feb. i didn't received yet. also i forgot to disput. then i called to seller he said apply for logits refund. what i do now? some help

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