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Import Stopped


My package tracking from Japan to my warehouse in China says "Import Stopped", what does that mean? Will it return to sender in Japan? I am from Chile, so I could not do the customs clearance. This is the tracking number RX110103118JP
Thank you in advance.

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Hi Kareen_9228,

Import stopped on September 28. It may be stuck in China or returned back later. It depends on the policy of China customs.

Number: RX110103118JP
Package status: Alert
Country: Japan -> China
2021-09-28 11:27 CHINA, Import stopped
2021-08-04 22:26 CHINA, SHENZHEN, Item presented to import Customs
2021-08-04 22:24 CHINA, Item into sorting centre
2021-07-29 09:48 CHINA, GUANGZHOU, Departure from inward office of exchange
2021-07-29 08:38 CHINA, GUANGZHOU, Arrival at inward office of exchange
2021-07-27 15:20 TOKYO, TOKYO INT, 138-8799, Dispatch from outward office of exchange
2021-07-27 05:28 TOKYO, TOKYO INT, 138-8799, Arrival at outward office of exchange
2021-07-26 11:14 AICHI, SETOMINAMIYAMA, 489-0986, Posting/Collection
Thank you for your reply. I hope they send the package back to the sender in order to have a refund from the seller.

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