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is my item being returned?


My items tracking number says it arrived in the USA and departed back to China on the same day, is my item being returned to China or is my item still being sent to me? If my item is being sent back to china, why is that happening?

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Hi danjhil,

Please provide the tracking number in order to check it for you.
It says my package is being returned to sender why is that
It says that my package left Shanghai on the 19th and on 31st says being returned to sender why #LY401611234CN thanks God bless..

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My item was rejected by customs in December (tracking number EF730161195IE) and has still not been returned.

How can I track my returned item?

Kind regards,

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I bought a item on Aliexpress, I am in the USA, coming from China.
Tracking number: LY151660654CN
I don't get why it was returned, the item is a kids toy. Please explain the problem.

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Hi there,
I'm waiting for a package which seems to have been returned from customs:
20-03-1919:45:28Package ReceivedShenzhen
20:12:06Depature from Local Sorting CenterShenzhen
2020-03-2314:22:08Item Returned from Customs Shenzhen

Is there any problem? Item returned? is not be sent to my country?
Tracking number is LX068487060CN

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