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Is my package lost?


Tracking number LL870763545CN

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Hi Nic,

No, it's not lost. Your package has left China in late January and is in transit to Ireland now. You can not know the exact situation when it's in the middle locations. It usually takes about 20-40 days (after it left China) to reach and there will be further update when it arrives. If you couldn't receive it within the promised time, please contact the seller to reflect the problem and get you a solution.
I mailed this package from the US to China and it seems to have gone AWOL after arriving in Shanghai. Customer claims that he has called his local PO in XiaMen for info and hasn't been able to find anything out.

hi my package number cp354510067cn from Chengdu china to be delivered in Rio de Janeiro Brazil its now in Beijing. this package came to Brazil but to Sao Paulo and now took a flght back to China can someone explain me why, please. and how to get it back?
thank you
Hi flor azul,

It's returned back to China because it's not authorized to enter Brazil. It couldn't pass the import check of Brazil customs. You'd better contact the seller to give you a solution.

Number: CP354510067CN
Package status: Alert
Country: China -> Brazil
2020-07-11 18:56, Chengdu, leaving the Chengdu Mail Processing Center, next stop , Chengdu International Processing Center
2020-07-11 12:07, Chengdu, arriving at the Chengdu Mail Processing Center
2020-07-10 00:10, Beijing, leaving "Beijing West Station" next stop "Chengdu Mail Processing Center" (via transfer)
2020-07-08 16:39, Beijing, arriving at the Beijing International Mail Transit Department (via transfer)
2020-07-07 14:52, Beijing, sent to import customs
2020-07-06 17:50, Beijing, Has Been Delivered by Airline
2020-06-27 10:24, Sao Paulo, "Sao Paulo" has been exported straight seal
2020-06-27 10:12, Sao Paulo, departure from the Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2020-06-27 10:12, Sao Paulo, Leaving the S?o Paulo Processing Center
2020-06-10 19:20, Brazil, Overseas Import Cancellation
2020-06-10 19:19, Sao Paulo, completion of settlement clearance
2020-06-10 19:19, Brazil, Leave the Brazil Processing Center
2020-06-10 19:18, Brazil, Offshore Import Customs Release
2020-06-04 13:58, Sao Paulo, sent to customs for imports abroad
2020-06-04 13:57, Sao Paulo, Arrival At the Dada Processing Centre
2020-02-20 16:00, Departure from a foreign transit office (third country transfer)
2020-02-20 15:59, Kawasaki, arriving abroad through transfer (third country transfer)
2020-02-18 09:00, Kawasaki, Overseas Import Customs Remain pending inspection
2020-02-18 09:00, Kawasaki, sent to the foreign customs department
2020-02-18 08:59, Kawasaki, sent to foreign import customs
2020-02-17 14:32, Kawasaki, Overseas Import Customs Remain pending inspection
2020-02-17 14:32, Kawasaki, sent to the foreign customs department
2020-02-17 14:32, Kawasaki, Arrive at the Sita Processing Center
2020-02-04 12:06, Tianjin, Delivered by Airline
2020-02-04 12:06, Tianjin, Delivered by Airline
2020-01-24 08:09, Tianjin, Arrival in Tianjin Center (via)
2020-01-23 14:14, Beijing, Beijing International Mail Processing Center has been exported to direct seal
2020-01-22 12:34, Beijing, Arriving at Beijing West Station (via transfer)
2020-01-21 08:45, Chengdu, leaving The Post
2020-01-19 21:46, Chengdu, Export Customs/Security Release
2020-01-18 20:36, Chengdu, Export Customs/Security Remainpending
2020-01-17 18:13, Chengdu, Chengdu Center
2020-01-17 17:49, Chengdu, leaving the Post Chengdu Bauhinia East Road, next stop , Chengdu Center
2020-01-17 17:09, Chengdu, Chengdu Bauhinia East Road Post Office has received
Tracking No. LS354963898CN; this was shipped on May 28, 2020, and the latest update is from May 31, 2020. There has been no update or movement since. Can you advise on status? Thank you in advance.
Hi RM,

It's delayed for a long time in China. To my experience, there should be update showing it arrives in this August, you'd better wait for more days to see if there is any update. If no, contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.
Package # UJ391541823CN ordered may 14,2020 was sent to to wrong address July 8,2020
My package 4201123392748927005455000084650642 hasny moved. Is it lost?
Hi akyte4,

It's not lost. It's still in transit and hasn't arrived. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

Number: 4201123392748927005455000084650642
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-11-22 22:30, Arrive at destination
2020-11-22 22:30, [Earth,JFK]JFK,Flight arrival
2020-11-22 20:26, Import clearance success
2020-11-22 20:26, Export clearance success
2020-11-22 16:30, Handover to airline
2020-11-22 16:30, [CN,CSX]CSX,Flight departure
2020-11-18 17:48, [CN,SZX]SZX,receive
2020-11-18 17:48, Received in Shenzhen
2020-11-17 22:35, Import clearance start
2020-11-17 22:16, Outbound in sorting center
2020-11-17 13:11, Merchant Order Receipt Notification, USPS Awaiting Item
2020-11-15 13:53, Inbound in sorting center
2020-11-15 13:50, Accepted by carrier
LZ495820684CN Been travelling to the next sorting centre now for 14 days without an update, what on earth is going on? Not one scan in 14 days? Seller just says it’s waiting for flights to my side, can you look into his please?
Hello sir
I'm hoping you can help me.
I'm waiting on a package and jt seems to be taking a longer time than normal.. hopefully you can reassure me and help my worries
I've tried tour tracking page to no avail
Tacking number CP405619689CN
Hope to here from you soon .
With happy news
yours sincerely
Mr N Morrison
8 peel road
Isle of man
Package LZ577315512CN has been shipped since 1/1/2021 from China towards Greece, but I still have not received anything. Is it lost? What is the expected delivery date?
Could you put this in priority please, as it is more than 2 months in transit?

Thank you.
tracking: LS415575470CN

how can I claim lost package? it is been 1 month since airline processed package but it never arrived US
Hi ahmad,

To most of the packages, it usually takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in the USA after airline start shipping. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.
Hello! i send a parcel to my house using CSSBUY on march 15, but the tracking code don´t update, i contacted cssbuy and they told me that SAL loose my package, please help me
tracking code: CP425744986CN
Is my package lost? I send it out 5 weeks ago: RV548667914CN. Normally it takes less time (around 2 weeks).
Hi Sem Berg,

The delivery time for packages couldn't be guaranteed now. It may be delayed. You need to wait for more days to get update. If you couldn't receive it in time, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.
UU086712924CN this package has arrived at Langley UK on the 18th of May and that's a far as it got so far.
Hey my package hasn’t had an update in 3 months is it lost, UT557721105TH
Hey my package hasn’t had an update in 3 months is it lost, UT557721105TH
hello where is my package it is lost?
Could you tell me what happened with my package RV588791203CN

Were are my parcels they say delivered but to were
My package has been in the same place for for 4 months now. The tracking number is UT322914706TH please help email [email protected] thanks
My package has been in the same place for over 4 months now The tracking number is UT322914706TH please help my email is [email protected] Thanks
I live in Italy and am expecting a package. It says in the tracking that the package arrived on July 6th in Turin which I thought was strange since I was given a 15-20 window of time for the package to arrive. I still haven’t received the package and was wondering if there is anyway to know where the package might be in Italy? I tried using the tracking number with Poste Italiane which is the postal service in my city, but they are unable to use the tracking number.

Here it is: AG858406633CN

I would appreciate any help,
Mario Juarez
Hello so I have a package shipping from UK with Royal Mail to my location in South Korea.. it some how got lost in China and i have got little to zero help trying to recover it. It was a coat that has been in my family for years. It shipped June 9th and has been stuck in China for about 2 months.

Tracking number: RV 1673 8666 3GB
i think my package is lost :( can somebody check? LV643205008CN

I have never received the parcel, although I was at home on the "delivery" date - AM106843815CN.
I am asking for the compensation.

Kind regards,
Tamta Sivsivadze

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