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Is My Package Lost?


"Nanning City, airline departure" (2020-04-16) Is the last time I got an update from my package: RV356900799CN
It has been almost 3 months since I last received an update on my package from China and I still have not received my package.
I assume it is lost. So is there a way to contact you guys to compensate the lost good or could you please give me an update as to the whereabouts of my missing package: RV356900799CN

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Hi Hudson,

To my experience, it's not lost. It's delayed. If you couldn't receive it in time, you need to contact seller to get refund. China Post only has shipping contract with seller not buyer. So if the parcel is lost or stuck for a long time, China Post will compensate the money to shipper not receiver.

Number: RV356900799CN
Package status: Expired
Country: China -> South Africa
2020-04-16 02:00, Nanning City, Airline Departure
2020-03-23 17:48, Nanning City, has been delivered to the airline transport
2020-03-23 17:48, Nanning City, has been delivered to the airline transport
2020-03-21 14:48, Shanghai, leave the Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station, next stop ,Nanning International Parcel Processing Center(via transfer)
2020-03-21 14:44, Shanghai, Delivered by Airline
2020-03-14 23:46, Shanghai, International Mail Processing Center has been exported to direct seal
2020-03-14 14:43, Shanghai, Arriving at the Shanghai Wanggang Mail Processing Center (via transfer)
2020-03-14 10:47, Hangzhou City, leave the "Hangzhou City Mail Processing Center" next stop ,Shanghai Wanggang Mail Processing Center
2020-03-06 17:32, Hangzhou City, arrived at the Hangzhou Mail Processing Center
2020-03-05 22:02, Hangzhou City, leaving the Hangzhou International Small Package Collection Center, next stop , Hangzhou International
2020-03-05 14:49, Hangzhou City, "Hangzhou International Small Package Collection center" has received
Thank you very much for that clarification, Daisy!
I thought that it was lost or severely delayed.
And just clarified that question.
Thank you. :)
My package has tracking number EA136035755CN. The last update on tracking was on 16 Nov, 2020 where it says it has been accepted by the airline. But now it has been two months and my package is no where to be found. So, is it lost and should I apply for a refund to the seller?
Hi Rzi,

EA136035755CN is not normal for it. You need to apply for a refund to the seller in time.

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