Is this means that my order has been cancelled?

Asked by Ahmed haj | 11/8/2017 10:27:03 PM

Hi! Could you please help me out here. It says this in the tracking website

Origin Country - China
Logistics Order Created
2017-10-29 09:41

Could you tell me where is my package?

The tracking code is : RL754218535CN

Track Your Package

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Daisy 11/9/2017 4:39:00 PM

Hi Ahmed haj,

Your package couldn't be updated after this information may because the seller didn't pay for the registration fee which makes your package couldn't be tracked. Wait no more than two months. If you couldn't get it in this year, you'd better ask your money back.

Monica 11/20/2019 12:14:51 AM

parcel tracking number : UW005787880CN

I don’t quite understand what had happened. Status went from waiting for picking up and straight to shipment canceled after 10 days. The seller isn’t responding to my inquiries so I’m very confused whether the package was ever shipped in the first place since there is s tracking number.


Jacksup 5/19/2020 3:39:02 PM

Did you recive your item at the end?

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