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Item not delivered


EA406539752CN tracking Id.
Email sent to me that delivery was attempted and card left. No delivery attempted and no card has been left, please could someone contact me regarding the delivery/collection of my parcel please.

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Hi Jayne Brant,

The last tracking information shows it waits you to pay customs charges. You'd better contact Parcelforce to ask how to get it:

2018-12-15 08:43 -- Basingstoke Depot, Awaiting payment of customs charges
My parcel has been stuck in Shanghai for weeks. What’s happening?

Many thanks
Hi Charlotte Stewart,

What's the tracking number for your package?

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Hello, I tried tracking my item in this website. It shows delivery attempt, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province on 25th of December. When will this item be delivered? I have written the correct address of the University. Will this item get delivered ? Please let me know.
Tracking number ==> EE006226546NP

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Item is still not delivered your tracking shows the following. I am unable to claim compensation or a refund for this item until it has been proven as being delivered (seller is probably a scammer). Please advise what you are doing with this item (described as unknown yellow colour circle of metal).
Thank you for your help.

2020-12-0216:09:27Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitShanghaiCity

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