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Quite longtime no change in the status, please update the status

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Status of Item (0 reply)

Dear Sir
I have ordered a product from Ali Express which is required to be shipped to Islamabad Pakistan. Item is stuck since 15 June 2022 with status “Sent item abroad (EDI received). Tracking number is EU806384447CN.
Can you please check the latest on this please.

Item Not Delivered (1 reply)

Sir or Ma'am,
The status of my item says it was delivered but item was not dleivered. Tracking number is AS750172498CN. What is the status and what carrier is supposed to deliver package?

Please advise where my item is located? (3 replies)

I would like to ask for your help that the item I sent was originally intended for delivery to Macau S.A.R (Postal box 1089). However, I have been tracking the item for a long time, finally I found the item has been stuck in Ningbo's customs for 20 days. Subsequently, it was sent back to Shanghai customs. As of the latest update on 13-Feb, the item is shown as "sent to carrier." Can you please advise me on the status of the letter?
Actually, I have checked with Royal Mail multiple times, and they have informed me that the item is no longer in their care. The latest update on Royal Mail's tracking platform is from 4-Feb, but this status does not match the information provided by China Post. I am unsure of the current location of my item and would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter. Can you please help me to clarify where my item is located?
Please note that the item is a letter with dimensions of 22.9cm x 16.2cm and not a parcel. Thank you for your assistance.

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