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Latest update on the parcel?

Asked by Mir | 10/13/2016 10:35:28 PM

Can you please provide an update on the order reference no.: LX123248615CN? The last update here shows that it was dispatched on 1st October 2016. Thanks!

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Sam 10/14/2016 1:20:06 AM

It left Shenzhen City China on 1st Oct. Now it's in transit to Sydney. When it's in Sydney, I'll inform you here through email.

Admin 10/16/2016 8:36:05 PM


Your parcel has been in Sydney on October 16. You will get it soon.

Latest tracking result:
2016-10-16 09:58
SYDNEY NSW, Arrived at facility in destination country

Mir 10/17/2016 7:03:10 PM

Thanks for the update. Do you have a rough indication of how long it would take to be delivered? Thanks again.

Admin 10/17/2016 7:58:47 PM

Sorry for the late reply. You should have got it on Oct. 18.

2016-10-18 11:25

wickstrom kyle 9/26/2019 12:36:52 AM

Wheres my package been waiting forever.... tracking #LN793639565CN

Daisy 9/26/2019 6:45:53 AM

Hi wickstrom kyle,

It left China on Sep. 22 and en route to the US now. It usually takes about 20-40 days to be delivered.

2019-09-22 20:52
Shanghai, leaving Shanghai for Chicago

2019-09-20 15:15
Shanghai, has left Madang Road (the main department) to Shanghai Puxi Processing Center

2019-09-20 12:30
Shanghai, Madang Road (Department) received

lido 12/2/2019 8:09:16 AM

were my package sitting for over 20 days now no tracking update LO418716980CN

Daisy 12/3/2019 7:08:23 AM

Hi lido,

It left China on Nov. 13 and is en route to UK now.It takes about 20-40 days to arrive.

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